Importance of Data Visualizations & Extracting Business Insights

Author: Mr. Thu Ta Naing (MCT 2020–2022), DA-100 (PL-300*) Certified PowerBI Trainer and Azure Cloud Tech Enthusiast.

In Today's Industry 4.0 Era, we know that Data & Information are the most important strategic business assets. They are a kind of intangible assets, in which we should know how to effectively use and apply them..

That's where our Business Intelligence Comes in… Nowadays, Tools such as Microsoft PowerBI, Google Data Studio, TableAu, Qlik Data Analytics Software etc… can make that happen.

However, in this post, since I (the author) is a Microsoft Tech Enthusiast, I will share mostly related with PowerBI na khub…

With these help of tools, now, we can import raw datasets from different sources na khrub.., can be Microsoft Excel,csv, SQL, SAP Hana Databases or other Online CRM Applications such as Salesforce CRM, Google Data Analytics etc… (Pls see below figure..)

Then, we must go through a process , where Data Cleaning, Data Transformation should be taken place, so that we can interpret our Business Insights and Reports on the software..

However, in PowerBI, we also have to write DAX Measures, and Calculations where Business Insights, are extracted and shown with an Appropriate Visual on the PowerBI Dashboard similar to the above.

So, this is the overall steps, where Business Intelligence Analysts like us need to do per Client Requirement, so our Customers (Business Owners) can know which part of their Business need to still improve, their Products' Seasonal Trends, and Sales Patterns, Consumer Behavior Analytics, and even Sales Forecasting with Machine Learning.. (which we will explain this post later)
: -)

Bye na.. khrub!, That's all for today.!!., Pls like our Facebook Page, Medium Page, and see you in the next Post!!



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