Industry 4.0 Era & how we could benefit from that ? 😉

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Hello!!!, Nice to see you again!! 🤗 & Welcome to our ArtificaLab Medium Page!! Today, let’s dicuss about the Hottest topics right now, => Industry 4.0.

So, we all see in newspaper, social media articles, facebook posts about the current Industry 4.0, their technologies in these days ?? right….

So what is Industry 4.0 ???

In fact, “Industry 4.0” has a long history, in which it is called “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. This has been back to the previous ages before, where it started from Industry 1.0 “First Industrial Revolution”.

The First Industrial Revolution comes around during 18th century in which mechanization industry starts growing. Water & steam power has been invented. Then, the Second Revolution starts around 1871–1914 (19th century) where technology in Electricity and Electrified Production widely starts. This leads to better mass production, new methods of transportation & communication etc.

Then, the Third Industrial Revolution starts around during the late 20th century, where the Industrial Automation starts. Computers were being invented, Automation technologies has been popular such as PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), IOT (Internet of Things) been widely used in factories & industries. However, there’s still lacking one thing to ask in this Revolution: how could these machines communicate each other, without human intervention, as well as how these machines could predict unforseen outcomes to prevent disasters. ???

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, aka IR 4.0

So, right now, many of our readers will now ask the question ??, Will this revolution lose jobs on blue-collar workers.. ??

The answer is “Yes, to some extent”, in which automated robots and AI technologies will replace them in the coming near future. That is our downside for this IR4.0. However, from the optimistic point of view, this IR4.0 has created a huge demand for High-Tech Job Careers such as Data Scientists, Big-Data Engineers, Cloud Solution Architects, AI Engineers and so on..

Thus, for the conclusion, it is clear that start from now on, we should explore the new coming Technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data (Hadoop, Spark etc.), Data Science (Python, Numpy, Pandas etc.), Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), to some extent that we could prepare for the coming future job opportunities and new enterpreneurs…

Our Artifica Lab provides these type of innovative tech courses now.. starting with Azure Microsoft Cloud Trainings, Business Intelligence PowerBI trainings, Data Science with M.L (Machine Learning) trainings.. currently. For now, we will stop our content here…. 🙏😊

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