Let’s learn about How PowerBI works na khub ??

Sat wat dii na khub! Today we will learn about why we, as a PowerBI Analyst needs to learn about how this software works.. na khub!. Now, let’s check these out!!. na khub!

We all know that learning PowerBI is a long journey, since new Updates & Features.. are coming out every month na khub!. Yet, all these features are mostly related with PowerBI Desktop, in which where we develop the Business Reports to our audience.

So, after then.. na khub!!., how to share these Reports to our customers ??

By sending this .pbix Solution File ???

No.., no way..!,

Instead, we use a Cloud Service called "PowerBI Service" na khub!. There, we "Publish" the Report Solution file to this PowerBI Cloud Service khrub!

To understand this simpler.. , I have shown the process flow as in the following figure khub!.

Then, from the PowerBI Service, we can share to our Audience through mainl two features:

(1) Publish to Web (Public sharing): Yes.., in PowerBI Service, we have a new Feature called "Publish to Web" where we can share this PowerBI Report.., through the Web access link.. However, it is only suitable for sharing Public Reports such as Covid-19 Statistics Dashboard, Public Awareness Dashboards etc. such that such kinds of Information should be shown to the public.

To share confidential Reports, such as Business Financial Data.., Private Confidential Information, we should use Private Sharing.. as stated below na khub!

(2) Sharing by Email (Private sharing): This is a private feature, where we can share to others through Email na khub! It can be considered private na.. khrub.., because only sender and receive email. can see our reports..
However, the dis-advantage is that we both (sender and receiver) need to have PowerBI PRO Account to use this feature..

So, it is not available for Free Users na khub!.

Okay. na ja!, That's all for today.., Hope you learn more about PowerBI Service.. If you like this post, pls like and share our Page too..

Later.., we will have exciting news for PowerBI Professionl Course..(Commercial) as well as Free Trainings too., who want to taste this superb PowerBI Business Intelligence Tech!!.

Thank you na khub!! khawp khun.. maak khub!

Thu Ta Naing (Microsoft Certified Trainer 2021–2022)

Artifica Lab Co., Ltd



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