Quick Launch intro on PowerBI Components!

Sat wat dii khrub!!. Hope to see you again.. na khrub! Today, we will talk about the Basic Components in PowerBI that you should learn too. na!

For those, who started learning PowerBI, it is one of the top visualization software that can extract our Business Insights & perform Intelligent Analysis.

Now, not just that.., we also need to know what components basically that PowerBI made up of ?? Let's see

(1) Visualizations ==> Yes!.., visualizations.., As I already discussed before.., PowerBI has a full rich set of visual charts explained below. You named it.., Bar Charts, Column Charts., Area, Line, Key KPIs, and now even AI (Artificial Intelligence) Applied new visuals such as Key Influencers, Decomposition Charts, can be used here na khub!

(2) Datasets ===> Not just that.., khub, we should look into Datasets, which are the main fuel to Visualize our Business Data na khub!, With PowerBI, we can import our datasets from csv, excel (these are flat files), as well as from Databases (SQL, MySQL.., SAP HANA etc.) or if you are a Digital Marketer…, you can import your CRM or Lead Data such as from Google Analytics, Salesforce CRM etc.. by establishing connection between PowerBI Import Connector and these Applications.. na khub!..

With PowerBI, we have a motto that "Experience your data, Any data, any way, anywhere" na khub!

(3) Reports ====> The next thing is Reports!.. na khub!. We all know that a single Visual Chart cannot show our Business Whole Story na khub!! thuk dtawng chai mai khub ?? So.., for our Audience, we need to make a PowerBI Report.., that will contains different types of visuals.., with each one representing Unique Business Insights…. na khub!. That's where we call this one, Report.. which is just a Combination of Different Visuals to tell story about our data!! na khrub!

For example, Reports such as Sales by Country, State, City Report, Logistic Performance Report, Profit by Products report are such examples of PowerBI Reports that we need to use in our Daily Business Decisions!

(4) Dashboards ===> Similar to Reports, there is another one, what we called "Dashboards" na khub!…. For example, Sales Dashboard will show all the details info about Sales Related Insights such as Top Product Sales, Time Series Sales Data.., etc. na khub!.

So that's all for today now thuk khun (everyone) na khub!!., LATER, i will be demonstrating Video Tutorials how to start using PowerBI na khub! as well as Introducing about Microsoft PL-300 (Old Version: DA-100) Exam… which is needed to achieve Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate.

Thank you all na khub!! khawp khun.. na khub! joe gaan phrun ni.. khub!



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